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We're Back!
Strip uploaded Tuesday, August 09, 2005
We're Back!
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Its true!

Tue, 9th Aug 2005, at 20:48 EST
Posted by Icepick
We're back from our brief hiatus now. I blame our absence on WoW, which we have since stopped playing. Both Wolf and me got onto the Auto Assault beta, which we played for a little while have since stopped for a variety of reasons.
Now we're back onto good old City of Heroes. After playing it again for a little while, I'm having trouble remembering why I left it for WoW in the first place.

The problem with WoW is that, once you hit level 60 (which we both did, incidently), its a completely different game. At this point, you basically spend your time running through the same dungeons over and over and over again, in the hopes of getting some rare piece of equipment, so that you can look like every other level 60 of your class in the game. Sounds fun, eh?

Im hoping CoH will be different. For a start, there is no loot, and leveling is really a secondary concern to having fun. Its reasonable to assume that once you hit level 50 in CoH, you would keep playing until you ran out of content, simply because its fun to run around and 'arrest' (read: hit with a giant axe) evil do-ers. Secondly, when you get to level 50 in CoH, you unlock 2 new classes with which you can create characters, classes which look to be very interesting to play. I guess only time will tell, we're only level 38 at the minute.

In other news, I've graduated since our last strip (which was actually another reason for lack of comics, trying to pass my degree), and got a 2.1 with honors. I also handed in my notice at my soul destroying shop job today, which was fun.

Anyway, I'm all out of stuff to say for now. Something might come to me later, who knows. We'll try to keep the strips semi-regular again from now on, but we make no promises!
The More Things Change...

Tue, 9th Aug 2005, at 20:59 EST
Posted by WolfLord
As far as gaming goes, I agree with everything Ice said, except he forgot to mention I fucking rule. Aside from that, right on.

Unlike Ice, I have not quit my job, and will soon fall into an endless tech-support madness that will involve horrible explosions and possibly monkeys. And a ferret.

I really don't have much to add here, I've been spending time in Second Life, which I won't link to because it isn't hard to extrapolate the domain name, and also because I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this currently is sick of me talking about it. A mistake people make is thinking it's a game, when really it is a reflection of yourself. And you are pretty fucking boring. Seriously, get a hobby or something.
Really 1337 Comic Thing.
Created by Icepick
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Ah. Sorry. I didn't realise we were being arseholes. In that case? You, sir, are a fuckwit. [/flame]
Posted by FrostShard
Shut up you twat....
Posted by Fawkon
Yay! How emptily the cold reverberations of life's bitter path have echoed around the hollow shell of my existence without the joy that is imparted by this joyful, uhh... joy. Or something. Yeah.
Posted by FrostShard
Posted by Long_Shoota
They have returned! Just as the legends foretold!
Posted by TehMissingz0rs
zomg they know how to post new comics?
Posted by Lord Doskias
Posted by Rkiver
This comic complements my existence.
Posted by Mas_Tnega
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