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Darkshine's guest comic!
Strip uploaded Saturday, September 18, 2004
Darkshine's guest comic!
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Nobody Gets Darkshine's Comics

Sat, 18th Sep 2004, at 15:45 EST
Posted by WolfLord
This comic was "heavily inspired" by another webcomic, according to Darkshine. I read through the archives and it's a bit odd, not saying that BCE isn't odd, but uhh... I really don't know where I'm going with this.

In other news, I just woke up. I love weekends.
The End!

Sun, 19th Sep 2004, at 22:44 EST
Posted by Icepick
This is the end of Guest Strip week! Shame on all you people who sent strips in late. If yours didn't get up, its because it was sent in far too late and we had others to put up. If you didn't send it in at all, you suck even more. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

When Wolf started this whole thing, I was kind of expecting at least one strip that wasn't in BCE style. I guess that was a little naive of me, but I know we have at least one reader who does a non-BCE related strip, possibly two.

Anyway maybe we'll have another guest strip week at some point, but I will personally be making sure that only strips that aren't in BCE style are accepted. So there.
Really 1337 Comic Thing.
Created by Icepick
Comments for 'Darkshine's guest comic!'
I like waffles. And yes, I am really John Lennon.
Posted by JohnLennon
wowz, who knew quality degradation could be an art...
Posted by Lord_Doskias
it makes my brain hurt..
Posted by Flamekebab
for the record - mine is totally NOT in BCE style!!
Posted by Darkshine
at least i got it. thats why it wasnt as funny, but i guess you can only see 10 comments
Posted by Lord_Doskias
If you all got it, it wouldn't be half as funny for me. go go sense of self superiority! yay!
Posted by Darkshine
Posted by Idiot
"Pop culture" -_- That is all.
Posted by Riddla
Posted by HS
capital oh? is that a letter now?
Posted by Lord_Doskias
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