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Strip uploaded Saturday, December 04, 2004
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Sat, 4th Dec 2004, at 22:03 EST
Posted by Icepick
If this was one of my other sites, I would probably apologise for not updating in so long, but in this case, as Wolf said last strip, we update when WE feel like it, not when everyone else wants us to. So there you go!

I picked up Half Life 2 on Tuesday, and after about 2 fucking hours of bullshit trying to get the game to run thanks to Valves totally retarded online auth system, I was pleasently surprised with the game. I didn't buy into all the hype around HL2, mainly because I wasn't overly impressed with the first game, and I wasn't expecting much more from this. Its a really good game though, I enjoyed pretty much the whole thing. I finished it on Friday night though, and this is where the down side begins. Its far too short for starters. I was expecting the game to be at least twice as long as it is, especially given that they were working on if for over half a decade. The selection of weapons is far to limited in my opinion, and could have done with at least another 4 or 5 more interesting things - most of what is availible is pretty bog standard FPS stuff - handguns, machine guns, shotguns and rocket launchers. There's not a single laser based weapon in the game, and not even a real sniper rifle.
The range of enemies in the game was pretty small as well - for pretty much the whole game you're just shooting at the same soldiers. There are a few other things - headcrabs and zombies, bizzare flying things, and ant lions, but they are few and far between.
If you haven't finished the game and don't want to know about the end, I suggest you skip the following paragraph in the stars, you have been warned.

I was also slightly disapointed with the end of the game - there was no end boss, and, as with so many games recently, you don't find out whats going on at all - the ending just leaves you with more questions. And since the game didnt answer ANY of the questions you might have had either (how far after the first game is it, why are the vorogaunts suddenly on your side, how did the Combine take over), it just leaves you with a whole mess of confusion.

Dispite all the negatives, I really enjoyed the game, and I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't already bought into the hype already, and has the patience to put up with Vavles bullshit installation.

In other news, my connection totally fucking sucks. For the most part I'm getting speeds worse than 56k ALL the time. The tech guys are supposedly looking into it, but before hand they said it was working fine (which it obviously wasn't) so I have my doubts as to whether they are actually doing anything. It took me about 3 minutes to upload this 89kb strip to show Wolf. 3 minutes, for an 89k file, on what is meant to be a 1Mbps connection. Sounds like its working fine!

And finally, I'd like to mention Penny-Arcades Childs Play Charity. I imagine most people reading this already know about it, but you never know. Anyway basically, people donate money or toys or whatever to one of 5 Childrens hospitals. Last year they raised an enourmous amount of money and had hundreds of thousands worth of dollars of games and consoles sent to the Seattle Childrens Hospital, and this year they are doing it for 5 different hospitals. Anyway if you haven't already, you should consider donating some money or buying something from one of the wishlists.

Thats all for today!
Really 1337 Comic Thing.
Created by Icepick
Comments for 'Heresy'
Hmm, well, since this strip was started as little more than a hobby we can't really blame Wolf and Ice for losing interest slightly. They could make a real go of it. They need to start sourcing IRC
Posted by Riddla
Maybe you haven't been paying attention when we say WE UPDATE WHEN WE FEEL LIKE IT. If you want something regular, you're in the wrong place. Also, Monty Python? Where?
Posted by Icepick
You missed out "incessant" :/
Posted by Blasted_Heath
And your posting...
Posted by Long_Shoota
yes, its pretty much dead, what with the lack of enthusiasm given by wolf and icepick
Posted by Lord Doskias
I see BCE is too far gone, and now resorting to stealing lines from Monty Python :(
Posted by Darksun
youre implying that the strip was once alive
Posted by MrDictionary
this strip is dead
Posted by Lord Doskias
No you silly dictionary. It's WWFPSWWc!
Posted by Long_Shoota
Posted by MrDictionary
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