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Strip uploaded Saturday, September 04, 2004
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Alienating With Gusto

Sat, 4th Sep 2004, at 00:14 EST
Posted by WolfLord
I'll give a bit of background info for this strip because, unless you know me and Ice, you probably don't know about Darwinia. But you should. Go check it now. Buy a poster. They're pretty. Anyhoo, me and Ice are Phase 1 Beta Testers at the moment. Looks fancy, no? The title I mean. The game is nice too. The Introversion community is how me and Ice met as well, through the game Uplink. And I found Uplink through Penny Arcade. So really, PA is to blame for all this. Not me. Yup. Anyway, back to Darwinia. It's like a modern old school game. Possibly that doesn't make sense. Go to the site. Seriously. It's neat. Maybe Ice can like, elaborate better than I can. Maybe.

In other news, we are planning to do a GUEST ARTIST WEEK! This doesn't actually mean you have to BE an artist. What we are looking for is to do even LESS work, by letting YOU do our work for us. It's great! What you should do is put a comic together, that has something to do with BCE, so possibly having me and Ice actually in the comic... you can use the amazing BCE style if you want, or your own style, whatever. Try to keep the dimensions to a reasonable size, so as not to horribly violate our layout. Also make with the funny. Then, send the comic to me along with an optional link if you want to whore out your site or whatever. I figure if we get more than 5, we'll pick the top 5 most amusing to us and use those. But that's likely to change. I'd like to do this soon, so please submit your stuff by the 11th. More to come when people bug me about this.
Comment Box!

Mon, 6th Sep 2004, at 23:24 EST
Posted by Icepick
Well, as I'm sure anyone with eyes has already noticed, theres a comment box at the side of the strip now. Guess what its for.
As I was adding the code to the site, I was reminded of this strip.

Anyway, Wolf said I might comment on Darwinia, so in response, I give you some shameless whoring. Cus thats what BCE is all about. Anyway thats the Darwinia website I run. It pretty much has all my thoughs and feelings and god knows what else about Darwinia, so if you actually care, go look.

Also, don't forget about the guest strip thing.

In other news, I'm real sad that I didn't get to go to PAX.
Really 1337 Comic Thing.
Created by Icepick
Comments for 'Hatewinia'
All is not what it apears to be. WAFFLES!
Posted by Rkiver
Rocks My Heart
Posted by Naruto
Rock Rock On!
Posted by Lord Doskias
Rocks ROCK!
Posted by ;o
Darwinia rocks and stuff. Buy it when it's out.
Posted by LLamaBoy
This is EXACTLY why Icepick said comments suck I guess
Posted by neott
A Bus.
Posted by its an A BOOS box!
yay<br /><br /><br /> yay
Posted by wee
Everyone loves magical trevor!
Posted by Blasted_Heath
Posted by ABUSER
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