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The Hatchening: Part 2
Strip uploaded Wednesday, August 04, 2004
The Hatchening: Part 2
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The end!

Wed, 4th Aug 2004, at 10:01 EST
Posted by Icepick
Well heres the second part of the strip. I would have uploaded it yesterday, but I wanted to spite everyone who was bugging me about it. So there you go.

So I started playing Eve with wolf a few days ago, and despite the fact that its possibly the most boring game that I've ever played, its strangely compelling. Thats not to say its a BAD game, it certainly isnt (although it still has its fair share of problems which should really have been fixed for it being out so long), its just that everything you can do in the game is very long winded. Want to make a career as a miner? Sure, but expect to sit there in an asteroid field for hours on end. Fancy being a courier? You can do that, but dont expect the 30 minute trips (real time) to be particularly interesting. Being a bounty hunter is certainly more interesting, but its a little difficult to gauge just what enemies you can kill and what you can't - the only rating of difficulty I've found is the amount of bounty on a ship, which makes the whole ordeal pretty risky. Still, it IS oddly addictive, and all this tedium hasnt stopped me from playing it till 6am for the last 2 nights. There are currently a couple of places offering free trials for either 10 or 14 days, so if doing boring stuff in space appeals to you, give it a try. Theres no strings attached, you dont need a credit card to sign up for a trial or anything, so if you dont like it you can just uninstall. Also, the game is very very pretty.
Really 1337 Comic Thing.
Created by Icepick
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Yay Dragon Pinky!
Posted by LLamaBoy
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